The OOZ by King Krule

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The OOZ by King Krule

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King Of An Unsettling Cool

By 2013, the gifted, enigmatic and then 19-year-old Brit Archy Marshall had already found international attention with various EP's and the first King Krule album, 6 Feet Beneath The Moon. Since then, he has purposefully maintained a low profile while perfecting and expanding his art. Bless him.

King Krule's second album under that moniker, The OOZ, combines flavors of jazz, punk, and trip-hop into a dark, gritty, discordant and melodious mood. To sink into the album is to take a stroll through London backstreets at night where obfuscation, sensuality, and humanity oozes past shadowed doorways and window sills into the streets with you.

Unsettling and intoxicating, The OOZ is far more interesting than anything else you may be listening to right now.

Thanks, Cousin Jack.

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