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Music and Listening by A Hobgoblin

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New Strokes, Old Folks

Happy New Year. For me music in the year 2015 began with the following text:


Normally, I would be surreptitiously interested in this news, but the additional news makes me unabashedly excited about being interested. The additional news being that Paul McCartney was his collaborator.

Kanye West and Paul McCartney

This photograph. Wow. The released single, "Only One," featured an autotuned Kanye West singing over Paul's Electric Piano. And I dig it. This simple song is Good Music. But I know hip hop and popular music fans will struggle to enjoy it when it lacks the rhythm that they usually find with a drum kit or bass line. I know classic rock fans will struggle to hear the strong melodic quality and emotional lyrics through the heavily modified vocals and chords.

Music and Listening

This song and this year come at a perfect time. This blog is the beginning of what will be Music and Listening. I'm starting this blog to share with my friends and no one in particular good music that I am excited about. And sometimes maybe Great Music. Each week on Monday, I will select an artist or an album that I feel the urge to share and try my best to defend it as Good Music. Good Music can be found across all genres. And on any other day I might feel a different urge to defend and make a case for a certain genre or artist.

In this Paul McKanye collab, two musical giants from drastically different backgrounds and worlds of music come together and create more Good Music. Some of you may not like Kanye and his arrogant, vulgar attitude. Some of you may not like Paul's wrinkly face….and… (I don't know) – elderly, British vibe….? The song may not be the greatest thing either has made, but it is good. Both of them contributed their talents and hint at the good things they each have to offer in their individual music. I don't know how or why you found yourself here on this blog, but I am so happy to be sharing the blog and this song with you. I hope to continue sharing and exploring Good Music. From any genre and from any decade.

I have a lot to share and only a few that I usually share it with, so I turn to the internet to shove off and lose my thoughts in the endless, evergrowing stream of media.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year! Music and Listening will begin with Good Music Monday on 1.5.15.

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