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You know that "nobody" that collaborated with Yeezus himself, Kanye West, on his latest single, "Only One?" Well it turns out that he had already released a solo album in 2013 and it's not half bad! In fact it's incredible! It's a shame it's taken till 2015 for this relatively unknown British fellow to finally take off!

In actuality, it is truly a shame that many people (myself included) aren't keeping up with what Paul McCartney has been creating post-Beatles and post-Wings. This last year my friend Brian presented me with the opportunity to attend a concert of Paul McCartney's "Out There" Tour. I of course took that opportunity. (Thank you, Brian… THANK YOU… Brian.) As expected, Paul was amazing. As was also expected he played a host of familiar, classic hits from decades long since past.

As was not expected: Paul was absolutely still in form! Though he's recently entered into his seventies; his voice was strong and able, his fingers nimble, and his energy lasting long enough to provide us with a two and a half hour long set (including two encores)! Not to mention the lack of any throat lubricating water break and the explosive pillars of flame he and his bandmates had to endure during "Live and Let Die." (I was some 30 yards away and I felt their heat.) And his new, unfamiliar material continues to carry weight.

Thanks, Brian.

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