SAWAYAMA by Rina Sawayama

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SAWAYAMA by Rina Sawayama

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The Sun May Never Set On A Rising Star

The sound of exceptionally produced Superstardom with a fresh scoop of Japanese culture and heavy metal. Ashamedly, I haven't listened to the Japanese-born British star's debut EP. However, her first full-length studio album, SAWAYAMA, will send me there as soon as my mind has built up the fortitude to press my mouse over the loop button. For the time being, I am numbed over with layer upon layer of soothing synths, rockin' riffs, tasteful embellishments, and Rina's electric vocalizations.

Fortunately, amidst those delectable beats wind threads of personality and story-telling that strengthen the weave. In an album full of great musical ideas, Rina's threads crystalize into realizations of relentless consumerism, neglected relationships, and familial struggles alongside anthems of rewriting pains into triumphs. Japanese-born British pop singer-songwriter, Rina Samayama, has landed an incredible, diverse pop classic straight into our brains.

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