The College Dropout by Kanye West

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The College Dropout by Kanye West

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A Justifiably Confident Debut

The younger half the Paul McKanye collaboration. My complicated relationship with Kanye West's Ego and his Music has consisted of a slow conversion from one of the many repulsed by his character to one of the many who admires his craft. On few occasions I also find myself admiring his character and repulsed by his craft.

The College Dropout was Kanye West's first album. In it, Kanye works to prove himself as a hip hop music contributor and formidable talent as a rapper. You will hear the (admittingly) arrogant attitude that is particular to Kanye and that has brought about his successes as an artist and controversy as an icon, but in this first album you'll find a simpler display and more humanizing temper than the Kanye you think you know today.

Thanks, Torill.

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