Art Angels by Grimes

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Art Angels by Grimes

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Grimes is Otherworldly and Unstoppable

Grimes is the project of the Canadian singer/producer Claire Boucher. Her unique sounds and persona venture from the melodic and sweet to the gritty, dissonant, and bizarre. An eclectic and twisted-pop artist whose sounds aren't found elsewhere. Grimes gained widespread attention with her third album, Visions, which was recorded and produced in Boucher's apartment over three weeks.

This past week Grimes released Art Angels, which sounds more comfortably pop yet retains the distinct, unsettling goodness found in Grimes' previous work. Boucher made a point of producing and engineering each track herself, in part as a reaction to her experiences as a woman in professional music studios where others often restricted her freedom with the equipment. The album has received outstanding reviews from fans and critics alike.

Thanks, Claire.

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