Blonde by Frank Ocean

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Blonde by Frank Ocean

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The Hype Train Has Arrived Fully-Loaded

The most hyped album drop ever. After three long years of waiting; followed by another year of people bitching; followed by a visual album/stream release; alongside the limited release of an alternate, physical version and "Boys Don't Cry" magazines: Frank Ocean's Blonde finally graced us with its Apple Music exclusive presence. It was a pretty crazy week.

The wait was worth it, of course! However, if you wanted more channel Orange, you might not quite get what you're looking for. Many of these songs tend to be more minimalistic and abstract than his previous entries. Frank's compositions are clean and impactful; each simple, subtle layer manages to sound substantial yet blends beautifully with others that may slink around it. Frank's words and melodies and falsettos and rhymes come across as aware, emotional, nostalgic, ambiguous, and deeply felt. The album's tracks feature and hint at a host of legendary contributors and inspirations without letting them detract attention from the whole. Like a good Radiohead album, by the second listen you'll find yourself periodically injected with bouts of euphoria and melancholy.

Thanks, patience.

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