Bloom by Beach House

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Bloom by Beach House

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The Unmistakable Haze of Beach House

For long drives, beautiful background buzz, or sleepy vision-conjuring: Beach House's dreamy pop always hits the spot. Alex Scally's gallivanting guitar rides over pumping percussion as the hazy, low, lush melodies of Victoria Legrand lead us through the highs and the lulls of these wonderful tunes. With a sound so evidently their own, the duo dwells somewhere between wistful and hopeful; bright and murky; enchanting and disenchanting.

Released in 2012, Bloom further refines the sounds so perfectly established two years previously in Teen Dream and makes a greater effort to turn it into a singular experience. Two years of touring and songwriting followed by a few months in the studio. Just an hour to listen; time well spent.

Thanks, drum machines.

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