Fading Frontier by Deerhunter

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Fading Frontier by Deerhunter

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Deerhunter is an Atlanta, Georgia-based "ambient punk" band comprised of Bradford Cox, Moses Archuleta, Lockett Pundt, and Josh Mckay. While the lineup has hosted others since their forming in 2001, Cox has always served as Deerhunter's intriguing frontman: consistently embracing weirdness and providing an achingly melancholic perspective. Deerhunter's experimental sounds range from noisy garage rock to melodic, ambient pop, and further.

Their seventh studio album, Fading Frontier, was released in 2015 and has proven to be their most melodic and shimmer-driven album (to the delight or displeasure of many). With dreamy hooks, catchy riffs, and just enough sonic weirdness to satisfy their character, this Deerhunter album makes for a great listen.

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