Flower Boy by Tyler, the Creator

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Flower Boy by Tyler, the Creator

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An Appetizer
The Plug

With Fewer Antics, Tyler's Sound Is Put Together

When Flower Boy came out in 2017 I was not a Tyler, The Creator fan. Tyler is leader of the rap collective Odd Future (Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean), owner of a streetwear brand (Golf Wang), creator of a successful music festival (Camp Flog Gnaw), and has been featured or starred in multiple television programs. Mad props. But my goodness, his music was annoying.

Undeniably, Tyler has always had talent. He uses witty bars, catchy beats, and quality features in all of his music. But, before Flower Boy, Tyler leaned heavily on the attention-grabbing antics of his persona, lyrics, and music videos (even this appetizer). Now that he has realigned his talents to emphasize expression over shock-value, Tyler finally has my attention.

Thanks, Tylar.

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