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folklore by Taylor Swift

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T-Swizzle Takes On the Indie Heads

I know you know that we all know that Taylor Swift is an incredible singer-songwriter. We'd all be a lot cooler if we were to tell our friends, "I don't really care for Taylor Swift." But we'd all be lying. And lying is wrong.

Swift's folklore is another remarkable piece of art born in COVID quarant-time. Written and produced with help from Jack Antanoff, Andrew Dessner, and Bon Iver, these talents fill folklore to the leafy brim with narrative-driven folky pop ballads that echo her earlier work. Yet each track is tightly and timidly wrought with murmurs of the flashy pop powerhouse Taylor has been since 1989.

The tracks give voice to the many sides of summer flings, teenage trysts, broken hearts with a splendidly nostalgic, often hopefully reflective flavor. T-Swizzle's songwriting shows again and again that even the most dazzling of pop stars may be insightful and relatable behind all of that fame. Particularly when they find themselves stuck at home like many of us hobgoblins.t'll be a tough sell for most listeners, but a worthy investment.

Thanks, Quarantine.

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