Hot Sauce Committee Part Two by Beastie Boys

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Hot Sauce Committee Part Two by Beastie Boys

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The Beastie Boys began in the 1980s and indeed were the first great white rap group. The group consisted of three middle-class, Jewish New Yorkians: Mike "Mike D" Diamond, Adam "MCA" Yauch, and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz. The Beastie Boys entered hip hop from hardcore punk and, during their formative years, were accused of cultural piracy and guilty of obnoxious antics. But soon, the Beastie Boys outgrew most criticisms and their buffoonery as they increased their musical breadth and depth: drawing from old-school hip hop, raw funk, and hardcore punk. Now they have cemented their position as one of the most influential rap groups of all time.

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two released in 2011 and features the Beastie Boys in their forties voicing a truly refined "Beastie Boys" album. Witty wise-cracks, silly-stupid rap-rock, funky jams, sophisticated samples: it's the sound of the Beastie Boys perfectly matured and undiluted.

Adam Yauch succumbed to cancer roughly a year after Hot Sauce Committee Part Two's release, making it the final Beastie Boys album. Out of respect for Yauch, Ad-Rock and Mike D intend to never again perform as the Beastie Boys.

Thanks, MCA.

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