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Fleet Foxes by Fleet Foxes

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An Appetizer
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Pastoral Folk of a Lifetime

The Fleet Foxes initially grew a following on the internet through their MySpace page and word of mouth. They even attribute some of their early attention and success to illegal file-sharing. Shortly after releasing their second EP, Sun Giant, the eponymous debut album appeared.

With a blend of folk, pop, and rock bound together in their spine-tingling vocal harmonies and Pecknold's confident songwriting, the album proved itself an instant classic. Often evoking pastoral scenes and subtly menacing themes, you'll find these songs as powerful as they are beautiful.

Double Dip Monday

Somewhere back there, I skipped a week. I've had the Fleet Foxes up my sleeve for many many weeks now, and it snowed this morning. Here in SLC, it's still snowing and isn't set to stop 'til tomorrow. With winter officially one week away, the white-washed wonderland out my window, and a quart of tea steaming in my mug: it's finally time for my second Double Dip: Fleet Foxes.

With melodies and harmonies that soar and send you winding up canyons and through woodlands, the Seattle-born band Fleet Foxes, fronted and driven by Robin Pecknold, produces a refined brand of indie-folk that sounds upmost heavenly and reflects upon all that is human. Beautiful, sincere, poignant yet wonderful. These two are their only two full LPs; I can only hope that they'll be up for a third sometime.

Fleet Foxes | Helplessness Blues

Thanks, Stefan.

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