how i'm feeling now by Charli XCX

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how i'm feeling now by Charli XCX

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Catching Feelings with Charli

Over a year later, I can't stop listening to how i'm feeling right now -- I don't even like Charli XCX! It must just be what I've been feeling lately. If I ever finish listening to this album, I might have to revisit more of Charli's discography.

Born during the Quarantine of 2020 across six weeks of Instagram live streams, Zoom calls with fans, and text exchanges with producers, how i'm feeling right now is phenomenal. As the British pop singer and songwriter's fourth studio album, hifrn pairs the indicative high energy of the glitchy and grating hyperpop Charli often exemplifies with the intimate, relatable extremes of emotion felt during the frantic boredom and undirected helplessness of isolation in a global pandemic. The production drives a continual tension with bombastic, condensed, crunchy synths as Charli's vocalizations reinforce it or layer bubbily against that tension.

While much of her work demonstrates more diverse soundscapes and creative compositions, the potency of this short, DIY record wonderfully encapsulates that moment in time while simultaneously defying it with a driving rambunctiousness. As it turns out, confining certain people to their room for over a month may very occasionally result in a pink diamond.

Check out this neat little how i'm feeling right now album website! Vibe!

Thanks, Quarantine.

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