songs by Adrianne Lenker

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songs by Adrianne Lenker

Mountain People |
An Appetizer
The Plug

Simply Stunning Songs

What does it take to make breathtaking music? One acoustic guitar (or two)? Paintbrush percussion? The needles of a white pine tree? Truly, just Adrianne Lenker voicing her lyrics would do.

Adrianne's prolific and prodigious songwriting has been ceaselessly savorous. The heart of the masterpiece albums of Big Thief and her solo work, Adrianne's tender and tantalizing utterances tend to dance along the dewy sinews of her guitar strings. With its modest title, songs (and its accompanying album instrumentals) is an album that shines in simplicity and brims with beauty, perhaps more than all else Adrianne has plucked and penned.

Recorded during the 2020 pandemic in a one-room cabin, each track captures the raindrops, chirps, and chimes that adorns the wondrous world of her isolation. Adrianne lets us listen in as she faces a many-faceted solitude. Time and again, she wrestles with profound hopes and fears, and we find ourselves wrapped breathless in her sun-and-tear-dappled embrace.

Thanks, Quarantine.

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