Sauce Piquante by Theo Lawrence

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Sauce Piquante by Theo Lawrence

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Spicy French-Canadian Americana

Theo Lawrence is a French-Canadian artist exercising the musicality of soul, blues, country, and southern rock. That odd combination results in a unique musical character, and he wears his influences a little too splendidly. Bordeaux sure sounds like a beautiful place when it sounds like the best of Americana.

The production is simple yet whole and clean, with each piece of the band given enough space to deliver emotion, melody, rhythm, or punctuation. Theo's voice is the rich, summer raspberry sauce poured over the top of wholesome southern grits that is each track. Through all varieties of relational turmoil -- heartache, heedless abandon, wistfulness, and revenge -- Sauce Piquante is a little-known pleasure and an absolute thrill.

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