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Jars of Clay by Jars of Clay

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Jars of Clay is a Christian rock band whose music features a distinct yet broad style and voice that may be appreciated by secular and spiritual folks alike as their lyrics intentionally avoid "religious" language. Jars of Clay's music is the best effort by a Christian band to break free from tropes of Gospel and Praise towards mainstream success. Based in Nashville, Dan Haseltine, Charlie Lowell, Stephen Mason, and Matthew Odmark, the band's many albums transition from grungy to soul to pop and many other flavors of rock.

Jars of Clay's debut album arrived in 1995 and featured heavily played acoustics backed by heartfelt, poetic lyrics. This sound lent to their grungy breakthrough single "Flood," which became massively successful on Christian and alternative rock radio. Following the single's success, the band began touring with the likes of Matchbox Twenty and Sting in support of JoC and continued to build mainstream attention.

Jars of Clay was the group's first effort and established the compositionally minded sounds and themes of faith, doubt, wonder, and hope that each of the band's albums explores. Though new instruments and soundscapes have appeared with each new effort: the depth, honesty, and artistry have remained throughout.

Thanks, 2 Corinthians 4:7.

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