Making Mirrors by Gotye

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Making Mirrors by Gotye

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Making One Hit And Much, Much More

2011's Grammy-winning hit single and the viral music video for "Somebody That I Used To Know" (ft. Kimbra) may be all the exposure most filthy casuals have to Gotye and the album Making Mirrors. But Gotye is chock-full of solid tracks and wields a proven pop-sensibility! (A truly kick-ass catalog of music videos to boot! Take "Hearts A Mess" from his previous album, Like Drawing Blood, for example.)

5 years after his previous album, Gotye released this collection of introspective and reflective pop-rock pieces. The Belgian-born Australia, Wouter De Backer, created the tracks for Making Mirrors on his parents' farm in a barn-turned-studio: songs of solid-rock'n'self-doubt, break-out break-up pop, prophetic and convicting time-lapse music, uncomfortably uplifting pop, and beyond. There's plenty to see here as Gotye provides an incredible breadth of tonal options in percussion and rhythm, in synthetic and acoustic riffs, and in the harrowing howls and winds that blow through the background. All of this underpinned by his rapturous voice.

Thanks, Hannah Rose.

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