Photographs & Memories by Jim Croce

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Photographs & Memories by Jim Croce

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Ooh Wee Ooh, Lost Time

In Jim Croce's brief career as a singer-songwriter, he became known for his upbeat folk-rock tunes and heart-aching ballads. With the backing of the talented Maury Muehleisen's lead guitar and music sense, Jim Croce spoke gently and powerfully with his words and music.

In 1973, Jim Croce died at 30 years old in a plane crash, along with Maury Muehleisen, a week after recording for his final studio album, I Got A Name. A devastating loss and tragic end to a career that had just begun to find success in the previous releases of Life and Times and You Don't Mess Around With Jim. All three of these albums had been released during a two year span.

Photographs & Memories released posthumously with a collection of his most celebrated songs from throughout his short career. From boisterous tall tales to the sweetest pinings, the timeless Jim Croce.

Thanks, dad.

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