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Post by Björk

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Björk At The Perfect Amount of Weird

Björk is weird, occasionally a bit weirder than I can handle. The Icelandic singer-songwriter/producer has many bizarre styles that make her a singular artist. Her vocalization, melodies, and fashion never cease to intrigue. And on her 1995 album, Post, Björk puts her life and emotions up for stellar display with diverse offerings in art pop, electronica, and industrial rock.

Björk gives us Post two years after moving from her home in Iceland to London and launching her prolific solo career. Exciting, experimental, scary, and strange: the songs relate her emotions and experiences during those years back to her homeland and her broader, worldwide audience. Each track holds an incredibly unique sound, both for its time and in its influences. And the Björk-ian element throughout manages to fuse into one fantastic piece of art.

Thanks, AURORA.

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