Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan

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Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan

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Suddenly Bob Dylan. After hip hop and electronic and newfangled R&B, returning to the candid, timeless Bob Dylan seems natural. From the '60s to today, the legendary singer-songwriter with a one-of-a-kind voice that takes a moment to accept has been gifting us with his music.

Take 1975's Blood on the Tracks for example. Dylan's fifteenth studio album came after a decade of the limelight and a string of poorly received albums. Bob Dylan had unwillingly been named the voice of a generation for his anthems and activism in the '60s. However, Time has shown the album Blood on the Tracks as that which most pointedly marks his vitality as a songwriter, an artist whose talents and importance span far more than a particular decade.

Returning to the folk-rock sound of his earlier successes and an open, intimate style of songwriting that was unfamiliar to his time, Robert Zimmerman sings from his red notebook about love lost and stolen and found. Real stories from a wonderful storyteller.

Thanks, Robert.

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