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Bon Iver by Bon Iver

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Indecipherable and Unforgettable

Justin Vernon (a.k.a Bon Iver) crafted a most beloved album one good winter in an isolated, Wisconsin cabin. Following personal and musical fallings-out, an ill and depressed Vernon retreated into the woods and into himself. A year later he emerged with a chilly, desolate folk album: For Emma, Forever Ago.

A few years later, the eponymous Bon Iver album released. As equally memorable and emotionally impactful as the first, Vernon brought in outside talents that allowed him to explore new scenes and sounds than those of his previous album. These talents merge through gentle horns braying behind rolling percussion, electronic blips and autotuned voices rising within tender hums, as well as orchestral strings and steel-guitars leaping out of gently crashing waves of ivory. Amid these beautifully vague snapshots of time, place, and emotion: Bon Iver remains.

Thanks, Stefan.

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