IGOR by Tyler, The Creator

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IGOR by Tyler, The Creator

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Flower Boy Gets Freakishly Funky

Two years after the indelible Flower Boy, Tyler returns with another solid album in a new vein. Singing with pitched vocals over funky R&B beats, the tracks tell an embittered tale of love and conflict in which the character, Igor, dwells. Surprisingly, Tyler sings as much as he raps; he may not have the voice of Sinatra, but he continues to prove himself a lyrical and vocal storyteller.

Luckily, this album didn't have to compete with Kendrick Lamar for the 2020 Grammy Awards' Best Rap Album. I am glad to have become a fan in time to catch him on tour! For a one-man act, Tyler does a lot to entertain. Igor!

Thanks, Frankenstein.

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