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OK Computer by Radiohead

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Elevated Alternative Rock

Radiohead released their third album, OK Computer, in 1997. In the preceding years, Radiohead had slowly become a commercial and critical success with their belatedly celebrated single, "Creep," and the 1995 release of the introspective alternative rock album, The Bends. Following OK Computer, Radiohead would release Kid A in 2000, which initially confounded many critics and fans with its expirementation and abstract composition before being recognized for its greatness.

OK Computer finds itself firmly between the two albums sonically and thematically. From The Bends to Kid A: from personal and emotional to universal and abstract; from guitar-driven rock to electronic and orchestral soundscapes; from name-making music to intentionally alienating noise; from rising fame to disillusioned Rock Gods. OK Computer finds Radiohead perfectly in between.

Double Dip Monday

I've missed two Music Mondays in the Finals Week rush! Forgive me, nonexistent followers! In light of this unrecognized grievance, I present a Double Feature: RADIOHEAD.

Great alternative rock and great experimental rock and great everything in between and beyond. Often the greatest. Radiohead and their albums have earned praise and nominations and awards from all manner of websites, magazines, organizations, and music-liking people throughout their careers. One of the most critically and commercially successful bands of the past few decades, Radiohead and its members, Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, and Phil Selway, have given us a great gift by means of words and sounds and feelings. In fact many great gifts.

Two of these gifts are OK Computer and In Rainbows.

Thanks, Stefan.

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